AMP(HVSC) System

7.2kV 350A Plug & Socket

7.2kV 350A Plug & Socket
Type Number Plug: ASC-350P / Socket: ASC-350S
Rated Voltage 7200V(7,2kV)
Rated Current Max, 350A(depending on cable terminal)
Material Body: Aluminum alloy
Phase Contacts: Brass
Earth Contacts: Brass
Pilot Contacts: Brass
Terminal Lug: Brass
Insulator: Engineering Plastics
Gaskets: Neoprene(Silicone for high temp.)
Rollers: Stainless steel(SUS 316L)
Mechanical Properties IP 66(According to IEC 60529)
Thermal Properties -25°С ~ +45°С
Control Properties Three(3) Pilot circuit for electrical interlocking
IP Grade IP66/67H
Humidity Treatment Humidity 91~95%, 7 days(168 h)
Partial Discharge 10pC min.(1.73U0)
AC Withstand Voltage AC 20kV, 1 min.
Impulse Withstand Voltage peak value 60kV, 10 times
Temperature Rise Not exceed 50 K
Corrosion and resistance Salt solution 5%, 200 h
Conditional Short-circuit 16kA(25kA) rms / 1s
Resistance to heat 100°С / 1h, RTI more than 125°С