CEO's Massage

We will do our best with
a modest attitude and mindset.

A company is an actor of business management that provides products and services to generate profit with a risk burden from the market, and management is a process of managing various functions to achieve the firm’s goals. In this perspective, we ‘ELSCOM’ pursue customer values to achieve the management goal of ‘customer creation’ through interactions with environment.
By continuously providing touching and moving values for customers through customer creation and innovation, we are determined to exist and develop with a going-concern.

To achieve our goal of ‘customer creation’, we have maintained continuous growth through supply and development of Explosion Proof Products, High Voltage Shore Connection System(AMP) and Heavy Electrical Equipments for On/Off Shore Oil and Gas Plants since foundation, based on ‘trust,’ ‘innovation’ and ‘value’ under the ideology of 'value management.'

The spirit of drive and passion that a firm challenge itself with entrepreneurship will definitely push us to meet our goal of customer creation. However, although a mover gains victory, all acts go wrong with a wrong intention, so we will always strive our best with a modest attitude and mindset. Thank you very much.